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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Los Angeles

Tummy Tuck for Los Angeles Women – High Tension Abdominoplasty

Plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills perform various types of tummy tucks, or "abdominoplasty" procedures. For most doctors, the goal of a standard tummy tuck is to remove the loose, hanging abdominal skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. Others routinely perform "mini-abdominoplasty," which only removes excess lower abdominal skin and does not tighten the abdominal muscles. Does this type of tummy tuck give women from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles the tight abs that they desire? Does a standard tummy tuck, at best, give you the bikini body such as those seen on young models in Hollywood glamour magazines? Women of Southern California, whether they live in Beverly Hills, Burbank, or Thousand Oaks demand the best figure that they can get! This is why these women are, instead, choosing to have High Tension Abdominoplasty ™.  


A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ achieves much more than a standard tummy tuck:

  1. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ routinely removes most of the loose abdominal skin and stretch marks of the lower abdomen
  2. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ removes the loose and sagging pubic skin, and tightens the outer vaginal areas.
  3. In many patients, a High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ lifts the inner and outer thighs, as well as the buttocks, creating smoother thighs and a firmer and shapelier rear.
  4. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ tightens the abdominal muscles to the likes of a washboard tummy.
  5. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ narrows the waist line and creates a more curvaceous figure.
  6. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ is combined with liposculpture of the waist, abdomen, flanks, and hips in order to create a more hourglass figure, which is more feminine and sexy.
  7. A High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ helps to contour the areas around the buttocks which give the appearance of rounder and perkier looking buttocks.

lipoWhat is the difference between Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and a Body Lift?

Tummy Tuck only corrects the looseness and redundancy of the abdomen. Body Lift combines a Tummy Tuck with the lifting and tightening of the redundant back skin folds, the sagging buttocks and the outer thighs.

Therefore, a Body Lift is a more extensive procedure, with the goal of lifting and tightening the entire lower body. Most people with loose abdominal skin or even with some sagging of the buttocks can be treated with an extended Tummy Tuck or a High Tension Tummy Tuck. For those who, as a result of massive weight loss, develop an abundance of lower body skin excess with sagging of the buttocks and outer thighs are better served with a Body Lift.  

Is the incision for a Body Lift larger than for Abdominoplasty?
The incision of a body lift extends farther than the incision for Abdominoplasty – past the hips to the back, like a belt. Because of this some people call a Body Lift a "Belt Lipectomy." A Belt Lipectomy, however, does not lift the buttock and only removes excess skin folds.  

How is a mini-tummy tuck performed?
A Mini Tummy Tuck or Mini-Abdominoplasty is not as extensive as a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, requiring only one hour of surgery as opposed to the three to four hours needed for a Tummy Tuck. Since it does not usually involve tightening of the abdominal muscles, it is reserved only for those who only have limited amount of loose skin or stretch marks in the lower abdomen or above the pubic bone. Also, it does not alter the shape of the belly button.

A Mini-Tummy Tuck does not involve an extensive undermining and tightening of the abdominal skin, so it can be safely combined with full Liposuction of the abdomen and flank. Therefore, the combination of Mini-Tummy Tuck with Liposuction might be a better choice for those with excessive fat, but limited looseness of the abdomen.

While the incisions for a "full" Tummy Tuck can extend from hipbone to hipbone, those of a Mini-Tummy Tuck are much shorter, usually extending only the width of the pubic area and similar to a C-section scar.

Dr. Sean Younai has been perfecting the art of tummy tuck surgery for his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients for the past decade. The results of a tummy tuck with a High Tension Abdominoplasty ™ technique, as seen in our photo gallery, speak for themselves. Many women who were left with unflattering bodies following multiple pregnancies or massive weight loss can now feel better about their body. They can now look forward to a tighter abdomen and a more curvaceous and sexier figure.

When can I exercise again?

You may start some light walking as early as 10-14 days after surgery. As you feel more comfortable you can increase your activities, but you cannot lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for the first two months. Heavy lifting can cause your internal stitches to rip apart, resulting in a hernia that will require corrective surgery. Jogging is usually acceptable after three to four weeks, as long as you are wearing your girdle. You can do arm and leg weight training in three to four weeks as long as you don’t feel that you are straining your abdominal and back muscles.

When can I go back to work?

This depends on the normal level of activity that is expected of you at work. There is a difference in timing for those who have desk jobs, versus those who are required to stand, walk, bend, push, and pull constantly throughout their workday. Most people return to non-strenuous jobs within 10-14 days after a tummy tuck. If your job is very strenuous, you might have to take more time off, but usually no more than four to six weeks. For those who are having Body Lift and Thigh Lift procedures, it usually it takes longer to go back to work depending on their age, stamina, extent of surgery and job requirements    

Dr Sean Younai, Board Certified Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon